Best way to earn the 100 Party Points

    • mist3rbl4ck
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      Okay, so I got my starting $50 (thanks!) at Party Poker. My question now is how to best earn the 100 Party Points?

      Should I be playing Short Stack Full Ring? Big Stack 6max? SnGs? MTTs?
      From Party Poker – You will earn two PartyPoints for each $1 you pay in cash game rake, or, two PartyPoints for each $1 you pay in tournament fees.

      Cash Games
      Party Poker’s rake structure in cash games is such that they rake 0.01 per 0.20 in the pot at the lowest limits NL/PL. Sound bankroll management theory tells me that, with a $50 bankroll, I should only be buying in for the minimum (usually $2). Playing in a cash game $2 deep means that the average pot is gonna be about, what, 0.25 (or less), of which I’ve maybe contributed 1/3 or 1/4 of that pot. That means Party Poker is going to rake about 0.0125 and I’ve earned <0.01 PartyPoints.
      Now, at the lower limit tables, we’re probably playing 70-100 hands an hour. Sound poker strategy leaves me only playing 25% - 30% of the pots (folding the rest), so I’m playing maybe 20-30 hands per hour. So, after an hour of play, I’ll have earned a grand total of 0.2 PartyPoints?
      At that rate, I’ll theorectically have to play around 5000 hours (or 75,000 – 100,000 hands) of poker over the next 90 days to clear my bonus. Of course, I can increase my rate by multi-tabling, but I’m not that comfortable doing that yet. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a family, and a job, and I’m pretty sure my wife would divorce me if I played that much poker.

      For my money, tournaments seem like a better way to earn your bonus (100 PartyPoints). For every $1 you spend in entry fees, you get 2 PartyPoints. There are $1 6max SnG Tourneys that pay out 60% (about $3) for first and 40% (about $2) for second. I’m not sure about these payout numbers, but they seem about right.
      So, with your $50, you should be able to enter at least 50 tournaments (considering you’re bound to win a few a long the way) and earn 100 PartyPoints that way.

      Sorry for the long post, but I was just curious what others thought about this and what others’ experiences on PartyPoker have been?

      ?( Mr.Black

      *edit* - I just played my first $1 6max tournament and need to re-calculate. The PartyPoints aren't calculated from your total buy-in, just the fees. So, for a $1 6max SnG You win $2.88 and get 0.40 PartyPoints. At that rate, you'll need to play in 250 $1 tournaments to clear your bonus.

      *edit (again)* - Learned that the $3 SnGs will pay 1.2 PartyPoints and $8.64 for first place. Maybe not great bankroll management, but I'm gonna throw a couple of those in as well.
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      I think your right about cash games being horrible for party points. I really wouldn't focus on the bonus too much. And just play your A game and try to improve is alot more important.

      The rake at sng's in party poker is horrible. I just read another post that even at the $5 Sng's they take 20% rake.. I'd just play the game you like the most or are the most experienced in. And not worry about the bonus, just see it like what is is: a bonus. If you get some extra money that's great, But if you don't then it's no big deal.

      (i played at party poker a year ago when i signed up, and not following BRM at all. i started playing $6 heads up sng's and they would take $2 from the prize pool!)
    • ironmask92
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      your right. $5 SNG does take 20% rake, $0.80 and $2.40 SNG takes 25% rake! Only at $10 does it finally go down to 11%...
    • mist3rbl4ck
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      I'm trying to build a Bankroll up on PartyPoker using $0.00 of my own money (a la Chris Ferguson)... just to see if I can do it.

      Clearing the bonus is key to my strategy! Two days, 12 SnGs, got up to $63.17 and 10 PartyPoints... so far.

      The next step is to win the $20,000 Freeroll ... :D
    • A1cho
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      In my opinion the best way is steps sngs. I've earned 92 points in less than a week that way. But of course you will not earn any money, unless you make it to the final step and win some.. But for point colletcting, that's great!
    • degre
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      Rake on Party for cash players and low limits SNG is retarded.

      If you plan on growing up with the SNG to higher limits is a good site with lots of traffic, so once you pass the theft of the low limits you'll find a decent rake.

      If you plan on playing cash just collect your bonus and move somewhere else.
    • Sieghardt
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      I cleared my bonus in the first 3 weeks,playing 9 tables at once:) 2$ buy in.
    • bortas1
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      It might sounds crazy but I started on 6max NL10 BSS just with 5 BI bankroll.. and I made 100points after 3.5k hands... Its pretty easy to collect points on PP.
    • Sieghardt
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      You risk alot by doing that.
    • DemonDavies
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      I used my initial $50 on the .5/.10 6-max tables using the SSStrat. It takes around 3.4k raked hands to generate 100 PP's, and doesn't take too long. I 4-table, so it's faster than the 1, but give it a try. It isn't much different. You'll enjoy it even!.
    • wildfool
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      I made a fair amount of Party Points by playing SSS at the beginners tables. they start as low as .02/.04 and the nice thing about them is a number of players just sit there making money without moving to different tables. I've seen people sitting at these tables with up to $25, so it is not uncommon to see large pots, and with Party Poker, as long as you get dealt cards you get the Party Points for that hand.
    • floopyzicer
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      two words

      limit hold em :f_cool:
    • Targetme
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      18 table grind
    • AcesBreaker
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      I started last monday collected the 100 points. I cannot play every day because I have to working.
      Now I have 78% = 78 points.

      I trying 3 ways :

      1) SnG 1$ ( have to play 5x 1$ to collect 1 Party point)
      2) Cash Game ( thats look profitable on NL10 SSS or NL2/NL4 and the party points growing well)
      3) the best way is STEPS SnG. It doesnt profitable .... but the party points growing realy fast .

    • Reanimater
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      5 x 1 USD Sit and Go's will give you 2 PartyPoints.
    • SeriousThreat
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      What are these STEPS SnG's?
    • Schnitzelfisch
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      I wouldn't advise the steps SNGs as they are far out of the BRM (would need at least a $150 bankroll for them) and because they aren't really fishy.

      If you are a beginner at poker I would advise you the $1 turbo SNGs. The levels increase quite fast there and the accumulation of partypoints is way faster than at cash games, especially since you cannot really play SSS on party anymore (35bb min at tables). The problem might be the rake as it is 25% ($0,8+$0,2) but with enough studying, you should be able to get a slightly positive ROI. The profits won't be huge but we are talking about the time needed to clear the bonus, preferrably without going broke.

      An even nicer way with more profits would be by depositing another $100 and taking advantage of the 100% first deposit bonus while playing the $3 SNGs, that would give some nice profit for starters. But then again, that involves investing your own money...

      The problem with the steps SNGs is that you might need to invest $30 of the $50 or even more which you might never even get back unless you hit a heater and somehow manage to fill up the final steps.

      The steps SNGs work like this: You usually buy in in the lowest level of the steps, in this case the $3 SNG. In this SNG, first two places get tickets to the $10 SNGs (step 2), 3th and 4th get the step 1 tickets for a retry while the rest get nothing. There are 6 steps and the winner of step 6 gets $2000. Good side is that the rake here is lower than at regular SNGs, but the bad side is that the higher level steps rarely fill up (you might need to wait for weeks) and that you cannot exchange the tickets for cash. This way you might get stuck with a bunch of "cash" in tickets that you won't be able to use, so even after you clear the starting capital you'll only be able to withdraw the money that you have not invested into the steps SNGs (unless you get lucky and get to step 6 and place at least 5th there for about $500, but the probability for that is rather low i believe).

      Best regards,

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      hello to everybody! ;)

      sprangone from italy!GG!
    • colinscz
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      I mean the best way are 6max 6$ turbo SNG(2 party points, 1st 18$, 2nd 12$).
      I know that´s not right BRM, but IMHO it is the best way to make a points and don´t lose the money

      I started with 1 and 2$ SNG, but these are only about luck, because nearly nobody folds to bets/raises (size doesn´t matter) - few points and small chance to take some money.
    • Sh4fted
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      I got mine playing 0.25/0.50 fixed limit full ring tables on party. I know its not proper BRM but if you stick the starting hands chart in the fixed limit section you cant really go wrong. Took me about 3 weeks because i also work 12 hour shifts so it can definatley be done quicker than that.