• inavandownby
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      Hey, Newbie here.

      I've only been playing nl for play chips so far for a little over a year.

      I won a freeroll package to the La Classic last month, really a fantasy dream vacation for someone like myself, it was my first real money tournemnt, live or online! I've only played one home game for money (5 bucks lol). So yeah just a little over my head. Still had an awsome time and actually made it to about 130 of a feild of 745. So no regrets.

      Anyways one of the fellows I had on my table the first day recommended this site, so here i am.

      Now if i can only pass the test.

      It really humbles a person.

      Later George.
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey inavandownby,

      Welcome to and the Community.

      So, you won a package to this,

      That's some accomplishment, congrats.

      Goodluck with passing the quiz. Before you start answering questions, be sure to study the articles of your chosen quiz. Goodluck.


    • inavandownby
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      Thanks, the link you posted was for 09 but basically yes.

      It was a $14,000 wpt package thru, $10,000 of it was for the entry fee.

      I've been playing quite a lot of the freerolls they offer and have managed to qualify for the next wpt freeroll (top ten). The wsop freeroll has been a little tougher you need top 3 to qualify, been too the final table once and a bunch of top 20's but it's a tough nut too crack.

      I'm going too put a little more effort into this test, I'm a cheap one, this looks like a great way to get started.

      Wish me luck.