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    • PushMeUp
      Joined: 20.02.2010 Posts: 56
      Hello, my name is Rickie Belfield and i'm here to ask a few questions about coaches and coaching as a whole. First of all i'd like to tell you all a bit about myself. I'm currently 18 and I attend college studying Psychology, Media and ICT. I have played poker for around eight months now, starting at a complete terrible level to, what I think, is a respectable level and I play at FullTilt. After college, around January 2011, I should be applying to join the RAF as a weapon technician. At the moment I have no way of prooving that I am 18 as I have no personal ID, i've lost my passport, which expired last year, and I have no idea where my birth certificate is. This restricts me from improving my membership from Basic status X( . I recently had a pretty big downswing and i've really wanted to improve my game massively since. I want to organise some sweat sessions with people who play around $0.02/$0.05 - $0.25/$0.5 6M cash games. I think this would help me a lot.

      Would anybody be available to run through a few sweat sessions now and again, help me look for leaks in my game. I'm willing to do a few sweat sessions with people who also play micro/low stake SNG's, only STT would be preferable.

      Please would you at least consider this and help a brotha' out.

      Skype - PushMeUpPoker
      Msn -
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    • PushMeUp
      Joined: 20.02.2010 Posts: 56
      *BUMP X(
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Rickie,

      Sorry to hear of your ID problems.

      Sweat sessions are always a great way of seeking 2nd opinions from fellow players and seeing how other experienced members play. Hopefully someone will be available soon for you.

      If you still experience any problems, we could help by moving your thread into the cash games discussion area, but I'm sure someone will be along soon.

      Good luck & best regards,