playing multiple tables on unibet

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      recently i've started playing on unibet, but i find it pretty hard to multitable there. i've played only on party poker so far, so i'll be comparing those two platforms.

      unibet: first of all there's an option to bring table on-top when i have to make a decision. that's good, but it doesn't work good IMO, because whenever i have to make a decision on new table, software brings it on top, even if i still didn't took any action on previous one. and then i have to find that old table on task bar, which isn't easy because it doesn't even flashes. so i had to turn off that option. that helps a bit, because active tables are now flashing on taskbar. but still it's not a perfect solution, because i have to manually open them. that takes a while and therefore it's slowing my game.

      multitabling on PP is much easier: bring on top option works great, because it waits until i finish playing on other tables. and even if i want to make a decision on some other table first it's not a problem, because every active table is flashing on task bar as long as it waits for my decision (and there is also a little menu on every table with links to every table that waits for me to make decision).

      so is there any way to have similar features on unibet?
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