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      Hi everyone

      I'm DTCC1 and I've been around poker strategy for a while. Since I joined up I've donked of my first starting capital, as most of us do. I was then offered my second starting capital which eventually I let go inactive as I do not like Bet365 software.

      I'm 19, from the UK and am training to become an accountant. My goal in life is to catch some of these:

      Two days ago I decided to give poker another try so I reinstalled my HEM and FTP and deposited $70 to start my bank roll.

      I will be playing NL FR BSS. I believe I will have something of an edge here because I am patient and one of my strengths is waiting for the right moment to strike.

      I hope to use this blog to :

      :heart: Introduce myself to the pokerstrategy.com community

      :heart: Track my performance throughout the limits

      :heart: Post my graphs, stats and some hands so other community members can help me find leaks

      My Short Term Poker Goals

      [] Build up a bankroll for NL5 ($100)
      [] Build up a bankroll for NL10 ($200)
      [] Reach Silver Member status
      [] Work on my post-flop play
      [] Read all the BSS articles
      [] 15k hands in april ( started partway through ).

      Here is my performance so far :


      Part way through the graph you can see my return after dropping limits. I would like to think I was unlucky at this point, but it is probably me on tilt.



      As you can see I went over my $100 dollars for NL5 so I decided to have a shot at it. This did not go well.



      As you can see I was playing well / lucky for my first 4k hands. and i decided to take a shot at NL5. After some bad hero calls ( my biggest leak ) I tilted. for the past 2000 hands I have been recovering and hope to return similar to my first 4k.


      And here are my stats for my hands played so far.


      I realise this is a small sample size. I would apreciate it however if any experienced players can let me anything is particularly bad.

      Leaks I have identified so far:

      :diamond: Sometimes calling down with the worst hand because "He's Bluffing"
      This is obviously a major leak I need to work on. I am focusing most of my attention here for now.

      Thank you all for reading. I will post updated graphs weekly and hands a few times per week. I'm interested in becoming a contributing member of the community so if anyone can point me towards a regular form of communication I would apreciate it! i,e IRC etc.
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