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    • RFyoshi
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      When i joined this site it said it might send you an id identifaction request
      but i am finding out that it is a must.

      This is bad for me because i have past the test and have only just turned 19 so i have no identifaction.

      I am not a thief trying to get extra cash.

      I just want the bankroll.

      Please help me resolve this.
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    • Hadi
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      Hi RFyoshi,

      I know there are no NZ ID cards, but don't you possess any form of identification?

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      Everyone has an identification. When you are born its an automatic identification will be placed under you.

      Here is the list:
      • Passport
      • Any kind of id that has your name and picture on it will just be fine with D.O.B ( Date of Birth ).

      If you dont have an identification then i have to say that this is very suspicious that this is your second account on pokerstrategy and this is not allowed.

      Im not saying that this is your second account but come'on everyone has an ID. No matter what.

      I can understand that HATI does not have it since of the weather but your not in HATI i suppose?.

      If you dont have an ID at all then i suggest you to go to your local bank or your country's office and ask for an ID that you must have. Since if you over 18 you must always carry an ID on you.

      Why is that? Let's say your a smoker? You need an ID to prove that you are over 18 years old.

      Thats an example. I think you get my point here ?

      I hope you get your ID fixed and after that your starting capital is still waiting for you untill you have your ID. It wont run away :)

      Best Regards,