Good day gone bad.

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      I am not particularly active in posting on the forums but I read them almost daily. I felt the need to vent this one as its the worst session I have had since I started multitabling 0.05/0.10. Every day bar one (where i clocked a $3 loss,) Every day I've been up between $5 and $20 over at least 1000 hands a day.

      Heres the Graph:

      As you can see the day started off great. I was getting value for my big hands and minimising losses. The beginning of the downturn started with a cooler of my KK vs AA. From there things went from bad to worse. I wish I could say that I got emotional and tilted most of this off but its simply not true. On 3 separate occasions I had an overpair to the board or top pair on the board, got all the chips in, and had their underpairs turn or river sets.

      On one Occasion I Raise with AA, 1 caller. King on flop, guy bets into me I raise, he calls. He bets into me again on the turn, I shove putting him on AK, he calls. Guy shows KQ and rivers a King for trips.

      I know I shouldn't be disheartened when I get a run like this but it's really difficult to keep my spirits up. A day like this basically crushes hours of time grinding and makes me not want to play at all tomorrow. *sigh*

      Edit: Also, $60 swing in 5c/10c. It that common in sessions of that length?
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