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    • Glue900
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      Maybe it's been answered but whatever. How many fpp points on Cake do you have to get to be able to withdraw the first 50 dollars?

      Regards Jakob
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      you dont, you build it into millions
    • Glue900
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      So i can never cash out anything? :O
    • alberts1955
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      ofc u can withdraw, soz but dunno how many points u need :/
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi guys,

      All the information you need is in the following sticky thread in Beg/Qu's, link below:

      Cake Poker:

      The 50$ bonus:

      The $50 will be retracted from your account if you have not generated any rake within 60 days of having received your starting capital.

      In order to protect your starting capital, you will only be able to sit down at Cake Poker tables which you should be playing at according to our bankroll management. The bankroll protection will be active
      a) as long as your Cake Poker bankroll is under $300 (or it drops under $300 again) or
      b) until you have collected 2,000 Frequent Player Points (FPP) at Cake Poker or
      c) until you have made your own first deposit.

      The 100$ bonus:

      After you have received the $50 starting capital you can start clearing the additional $100 bonus at Cake Poker.

      The bonus will be credited to your account in $10 steps for every 167 earned Frequent Player Points (FPP). You have 90 days time to clear the bonus.

      Which means for the entire 50$+100$ bonus you need 1,670 Frequent Player Points.
      Hope this helps, best regards,