• Xavier006
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      Hey, I'm a young guy under the age of 20, got introduced to poker a couple months ago by my friends, and then decided to play the next night with a fiver... and lost it all.

      Basically now i really want to win consistently, and for some bizarre reason i find studing poker interesting... which is good. I really like the look of this site and I'm looking forward to using it's resources.

      Firstly though a quick and maybe stupid question; i managed to pass the quiz, and the $50 capitol; I live in the UK, can i still use the money, and potentially withdraw any winnings, even though that seems a tad optimistc rght now? I'd appriciate any help :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Xavier006 & welcome to PokerStrategy :)

      You've certainly come to the right place, we have strategy material, free live coaching sessions with hugely experienced players, media, sample hands forum etc etc in bucket loads :D

      Take your time to browse around. Some material will currently be locked from you, but as soon as you receive the starting capital and are up & running, you will automatically be upgraded to "Bronze" status. From there more and more material becomes available to you at each status step.

      Regarding the starting capital, yes not a problem. Your funds are sent to your chosen platform in U.S. dollars as is most common for poker games, although some platforms do actually now accept £, € etc.
      Once you have achieved a set number of player points (link shown here), the money is yours to keep, to withdraw or indeed to retain and build on further. Many players have turned this into a sizeable amount of money over time.

      You'll also find we have a vibrant, fun & friendly community here with everyone eager to help each other out in terms of advice and experience, you'll fit in just fine ;)

      Just remains to wish you every success and enjoyment in your poker and I look forward to seeing you active around the forums in due course.

      Best regards & good luck,

      (also U.K. - South Coast)
    • Hadi
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      Hey Xavier and welcome to the Community :)