Climbing limits

    • imson0ob
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      Hi I recently switch from SSS FR and SH to BSS FR. I played up to NL100 . Now I am trying to move up the limits Starting at NL10 FR . Since I am over roll , I am just playing there to get used to BSS. That's why i'd like to have some opinions on when should I move up?

      1. After how many hands and with a win rate of howmany BB/100 can I consider I am beating a limit?
      2.How many BI do u need for each limit?

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    • irregularity
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      If you really want to do this, I would suggest at least 20k hands, as for winrate I am never sure about this, but I guess micro's you can expect 5bb/100.

      As for Buy-in's, I would suggest having 30+ for the level.