Dealing with crazies

    • Jdeeuk
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      Hi, Im currently trying my hand at FL Mtt's on everest but i have a problem.
      Im following the PS FL guide as per starting hands and pre/post flop play but i find that its not working..would i be correct in thinking that the chart assumes that at least 5 of the ten players wont re-raise up to the max with any 2 suited cards and any K or A-rag?

      Any advice on dealing with these guys as im stumped. 2x QQ 3x AA 2x KK 4x KAs/o were either busted on river (non draw hvy boards) by 2 junk pair or i missed the flop and was faced with a LOT of agression on the flop.

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    • pinnryder
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      You should play super tight at the beginning and only play small pots with overpairs in the first levels. You make the most chips when everyone has ~20BB (from my experience) so that was the time I was making moves. Also remember the maniacs some of them will make it far but rarely to the final table and most of them drop out in the first 5 levels. But they can save you later when they are betting their K-high and you call down with A-high ;)
      You should also play suited Ax hands and small pairs in multiway pots and in position but only continue with the nut draw or a set. Later I would start playing your draws aggressively.