Is FTP charging us twice the blinds in Rush Poker

    • tytyty2121
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      Hi Guys,

      I just like to have your opinion on the blind system in Rush Poker cash game.

      From the first hand I played in Rush I noticed that I played the Blinds a lot more frequently than normal.

      I understand that due to the random nature of table creation, one might have to pay the blinds a bit more frequently than normal. But not as much as paying an average of 10 blinds every 30 hands (it happened to me during some sessions).

      What does not add up is that if someone pays too many blinds, it should mean that someone else is paying less blinds (after all on each hand only 2 blinds are paid). But I Never had a streak of 10 or 11 hands without paying the blinds.

      It seems that, at best I pay the blinds normally (1 in 10) and at worst I pay them consecutively. So in the end I am always losing when it comes to the blinds frequency.

      The more I think about this and the more I believe that FTP is screwing us royally. Since there is no way in Rush Poker to observe a table or sustain a chat with another player. it is almost impossible to know how many blinds are being paid.

      After all, isn't it possible that everybody is paying too many blinds and just think that this is just due to the randomness of Rush?
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    • Tampaloeres81
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      Have you checked this with your poker tracker software? If so, provide us with some stats :) I think you can group/count your hands per position.


    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Its just another random varriable which adds to the varriance.

      Just like when you have heaters and when you get beat after beat, just like when you carnt pick up a hand. There will be stretches where your in the blinds more than your fair share and there will be times when you not. It's how it is...
    • antonio47211
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      2 OP

      Never saw anything like this. However, if you close rush table and open it again, you will pay BB. If you sit out for some time and then rejoin the game, you will probably pay BB. FT does not benefit from making you pay blinds more frequently, its not rake or anything. I guess its your perception tricking you.
    • Jackalof
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      It is impossible to pay the blinds twice as much for everyone because only one BB is posted per hand (well duh). Unless you are one of those guys who thinks poker site chose you to be the unlucky one, yada yada rigged :f_cool:

      In rush, hands go very fast, you insta fold alot but can't insta fold your BB therefore hands from BB are the ones that last the longest playtime wise. Maybe this makes you think you are posting blinds too often.