How to deal with a semi downswing

    • michaelqian
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      Hi all,

      How do you guys deal with sessions where you are constantly losing stacks to bad beats, right after you won a stack by getting your money in the good?

      I've been in a semi downswing since I started NL5, over 60,000 hands, half of these are ring games, half are Rush poker.

      The trend goes something like this, I win a stack or 2, then immediately I lose a stack or 2 by bad beats, often losing to 2 or 4 outers on the turn/river.

      It's not that I'm not hitting good hands, I hit sets fairly often, also straights, flushes, full houses and quads, also bad beats.

      Just extremely frustrated right now. Theoretically I should win 70-80% of the time when the stack goes in while I'm ahead, but out of these 70-80% of the times I'm suppose to win, I only win half of them.

      So how do you deal with it? It's like I'm simply not allowed to make a profit.
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