Hey guys, a usual blog would start with my name, location and goals, however, I would like to maintain a secret identity, so I will just write about my aims and objectives.

I have been playing poker for a few years now, however I haven't pld with proper bankroll management or anything so obviously it didn't go to well. After a year of breaking even and thinking poker can't be beaten, this was because of my poor bankroll management, I decided to quit. After being invited to some cash games in real life and making quite a bit of money, I decided to give online a shot to see if I can do well.

Current bankroll: 350 dollars.

Game played: Gonna focus on NLH SH NL10, when I see I am beating NL 10 I will move up, or when I reach 2k.

Time and dedication: I don't have an amazing amount of time on my hands, since I have a lot of stuff to do in rl, however, I might be able to play like a couple of hours a day perhaps, maybe a bit more on some days.

PS i'm gonna be playing on Pokerstars.

What you should expect to see from this blog: I am basicaly gonna write and post hand histories, graphs, and gonna give you an update of my bankroll very often, atleast once a week.

What I expect from you guys: I expect you guys to help me out if I am unsure about a hand or something like that :) any general advice and wistom would be nice.

Wish me luck