how can i follow my rake back

    • babashahar
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      how can i follow my rake back, and see how much i need to get.

      edit: more something,if i play alot SNG on points and my rackback go minus. this minus save to the next week? i can get explain for this too.

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi babashahar,

      There's no easy way of tracking it, some HUD software such as Elephant, PT3 etc will give an indication for cash games, but are not 100% accurate.

      It's usually best to just wait, rakeback is automatically calculated and paid so will be a nice surprise when it comes through each week/month.

      If you are referring to Full Tilt rakeback, we have a dedicated sticky thread that explains everything in more detail:

      Yes on Full Tilt, a negative net earned rake balance would be carried forward until such time as you earned sufficient rake to offset it. I assume the other platforms where rakeback is available operate in a similar way too.

      Hope this helps, best regards,