Moshman vs pokerstrategy

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    • muel294
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      I think Moshman and pokerstrategy's ideas are pretty similar, but things are kept pretty "by the letter" for simplicity.

      The ideas and concepts explored by Moshman are slightly more advanced than the bronze articles. I presume these more advanced ideas would be explored by in silver + articles annd videos.

      I presume you are talking about Colin Moshmans "Sit n Go Strategy" book?
    • Unam
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      Hi andreibalint,

      muel294 already wrote it, the basic concepts are similar, on pokerstrategy the content is just filtered to make it easier for beginners. But when you read the articles and watch silver and gold videos, you will see that it isn't about following every letter.

    • andreibalint
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      Thanks Unam. I guess that the conclusion is i know what i should do but i implement it bad (like figuring out when to re-steal).