Push/Fold Charts

    • muel294
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      These charts are beginning to tilt me big time.

      Find it really difficult to follow these charts to the letter even playing 1 table and with a timebank.

      Since I have been following them I have gone through about 8 straight losses. Is it a huge leak if I'm not referring to them most of the time?

      I am at home with the ideas behind the charts I just might not make the "correct" move in some cases.

      I have been practising with the ICM trainer and have been scoring around 80% on the random settings without referring to the charts (although I have practised with them) so my judgement cant be that bad.

      Am I focusing on these too much?
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    • pinnryder
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      8 straight losses is not much.. I had 16 straight losses and after that I only cashed in 3rd. Get used to it it get's pretty hard sometimes.
      And if you only score 80% at the ICM trainer I would suggest that you practise some more, you should get 90-92% after 1000 situations which is pretty decent, 95% is pretty good.
      If you do that 2 or 3 times you won't need the charts anymore, you will know the right decisions by then...