1st Place 165 man Rush $4!!

    • overson
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      So after many hours of bad luck at this rush tournament where I would lose with AA to QQ and sometimes I went on tilt, I knew this was a profitable game, so I kept playing and it payed off.

      Most of the game I was running hot and there were so many bad opponents.
      I had 1st place for most of the final table.

      In the final three there was such a fish a very rockish guy that seemed to go on tilt after losing with a pair of jacks on AJQ board and losing to T6s. He called the guy a cheater, it was very funny. Because I could steal so easy and was running hot with cards and boards and situations I won and the rock guy was 2nd place lol. So after dozens of losses I am in the green with this game.
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