POKER VS GIRLFRIEND share your story

    • Krivo
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      OK first let me introduce myself,

      My name is Alex from NZ I've been with poker strategy for about 2 months now, first attempt at real money poker and loving it!
      my bankroll stands on around 300$ all from 50$ starting capital. I'm playing sng 5.50 atm

      anyway to the subject, i find that the hardest opponent for me in online poker is my gf !!!
      she absolutely hates everything about it!
      My ROI must drop by 50% or so when she's around :/

      Its impossible for me to play that way not only coz i can't concentrate on the other players but I also get into shit afterward coz i spend too much time playing poker :-O

      If you guys found any magic solution please share or if you experience the same problem let us know
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