1st Major Live MTT

    • muel294
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      Hi all,

      I recently satellited through for my 1st big live tourney. I have already been given my table / seat draw and I have drawn a table with one of the sites sponsored pro's. I was after some top tips on how to approach it. For example, should I focus on just cashing, avoid pots with the pro's etc? Or should i just have fun and enjoy?

      I play live regularly but have only played in a couple of casino run events on a couple of occasions.

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    • Waiboy
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      Have fun, play tight early, loosen up later, avoid marginal spots. And shipit obv.

      BTW - best signature ever. :f_cool:
    • muel294
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      Lol cheers FOTC FTW!
    • rhinoneil
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      Utilise the fact that your opponents will know nothing about you and will therefore be wary of you and will undoubtedly expect you to play like an internet player.
      Dont worry about getting in pots with the pro, let him worry about you.
      Play select hands aggressively.
      Try to win a pot early to settle your nerves.
      Dont attempt to do tricks with your chips, in fact avoid touching them at all unless you are betting.
      Dont get pushed into sitting waiting for premium hands only.
      Wherever possible avoid playing flops out of position.
      Dont limp, either raise, reraise or fold.