a bad day

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      I'm playing 9 man sit and go's at fulltilt poker, and in last few months i was able to climb up to 550$ by playing 2+0.25$ sng's till i got up to 250$ and then moving up to 5+0.50$, and my average ROI in 1500 games was 8% with it being slightly higher in 2$ than in 5$ sng's.

      My goal every day is to play enough of them to get 50 FT points for iron man qualification, and in 2 day i'll have enough days to get into my 3rd consecutive silver freeroll. I was planning to increase my bankroll to 600$+ by the end of the month so i could try qualifying for gold freeroll by playing 10+1$ next month, but i've had a really bad day to mess up my plans.

      I've lost all 15 sng's i played today because i was very unlucky in most of them by loosing 3 times with higher pocket pair, AK vs. K8 and JJ vs. 89 offsuit, all of them coming in the later stages of the tournamets with 4 or 5 players remaining and i was never shortstacked, mostof the time loosing against chip leader or against players with 2-3 BB smaller stacks than me.

      Since i haven't had this kind of a loosing streak since i've started playing, i was wondering does this happen to other players, do they mean i'm doing something wrong, and how often can i expect loosing streaks like this one happening?

      ty for your help.
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