45 man sngs, 18 man sngs or nl sss?

    • Janust
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      At the moment I'm playing on PokerStars. My bankroll is 40 $. I'm currently trying to find out what is most profitable. I'm hesitating between three options.
      - 45 man turbo sngs. 1.1$ BI
      - 18 man turbo sngs. 1.75$ BI
      - NL10 SSS

      I know that my bankroll ain't any good, but I need some advices on what to play!
      Advices about other games I can play would be great too.

      Yours cincerely, Janust
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    • MrMardyBum
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      Yeah you're right. Your bankroll is shot ;)

      I'm just cruising while waiting for a reply so....

      SSS @ NL10 = 20 Buyins (Best option IF you can play cash)

      Any MTT = Probably out of the question, 100 buyins is the standard and the variance will eat that bankroll in a day.

      My personal advice....

      IF you have proven history of beating cash games then playing NL2 BSS would be the most conservative option.

      Or, NL5 playing SSS until you hit $50 then goto NL10. (SSS is fast becoming outlawed, My advice learn BSS).

      On the flip side if you are NOT a great cash player (A lot of people aren't... Be honest with yourself) then hit the $1 Turbo SnG 9 man until you can build a roll. Or slower but more sure way to builds a roll DoN's they have $1 one's on Stars
    • Janust
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      Okay, thanks for the advices. Maybe trying a few DoN's would be the best option for me, as I can't find any turbo 9 man sngs at stars(1$). Turbo or normal tho? Got any good reading material for DoN's?

      If I however choose to play NL2 BSS tho. How much do I buyin for? The limits on stars are 0.80$ to 5$. :p
    • mata123
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      buy in for 2$... it's the best for your roll,and for the strategy you intend to use
    • ihufa
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      no no and no