omaha tournament articles

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    • seasonsofchange
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      Originally posted by simm1
      Hey, i would just say that i really miss having any PL Omaha and H/L tournament articles. i would really like to read some articles about this.

      More H/L articles in general would be :f_cool:
    • suitedeule
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      yeah PLO content is rare and id also appriciate some ;)

      i think u have a huuuuge edge especially at the low blind levels but:

      later on bigstacks can restael w/ basically any 4 non A, non paired hands because this allows them to put everyone into a decision for his tourney life for a coinflip...

      counter adaption should be pretty clear..

      so its really, really, really high variance^^
    • Jim9137
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      Originally posted by suitedeule
      counter adaption should be pretty clear..

      limpfold as a bluff...? :f_confused: