Hi guys,

I'm contemplating a shot at higher limits (NL10 -> NL25), yet a bit worried about my winnings' structure. As far as I can tell, most of the money comes from total fish (calling all 3 streets with 3rd pair no draw), or lucky setups (caught sets vs overpair, 2 pair vs overpair etc). Besides that, there are quite huge leaks like AK - AQ, which don't hit, calling too much with underpairs, overplaying TPGK etc etc.

So basically winnings' curve trends down with accidental spikes up, and those spikes occur frequently enough to keep whole thing in the higly positive zone. But I figure at higher limits there will be less fish willing to spike me up, and more regs, willing to trend me down. I would like to see me being b/e with small or medium size pots, and winning some big ones for profit, yet not sure how this will go. Ofc I won't know until I try, still want to ask - what is your winning structure?