Sklansky-Chubukov pushes

    • JonhyRico
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      I've just read the silver article "steals and resteals".

      I got very confused with the part "Sklansky-Chubukov pushes".

      Can anyboby give me some example on how that should be apllied?

      Thank you.
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    • Gerv
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      Quoted from article
      The EV of a SC hand that is played correctly is always positive. The EV of a fold, in comparison, is zero. This means it is always better to push a SC hand and you should never choose to fold.
      Fold is EV=0
      Sklansky shove is EV=+

      So obvious you choose for Sklansky because that will make money

      But normal stealing can be EV=+++++++++++ so since that's more profitable , obviously you choose that

      The thing is that whenever stealing normally is (in numbers) more +EV, you rather want to steal than shoving.

      Actually I only sklansky shove where I know Villain is a big tard calling too many hands in the blinds ánd my hand is not really playable postflop (A:s2, K:4 and stuff, whatever is in the chart)

      - Gerv