Getting support to change account details

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      Hey all,

      I'm posting this because I'm basically at my wits end with this issue, and maybe there's someone out there who had a similar issue and can give me some tips.

      When I registered at bwin I wasn't taking poker seriously at all, so I didn't really pay much attention to details when I was doing the registration. My actual address is different from my permanent address (which is on my ID), and I filled in the actual address. Yeah, stupid. The real problem is that the two addresses aren't in the same country, so I can't correct it myself. I would like to withdraw my roll, but obviously I'm worried I will run into problems because of this.

      So I asked support to change it, and uploaded my ID as proof (according to their FAQ that's all I needed to do). They responded they need a utility bill with my name on it.

      I told them I don't have one, since I'm not paying any bills at my permanent address. They wrote to send a bank statement.

      I sent one, but they said it was too old (my bank usually doesn't send statements out, just electronic).

      So I finally obtained a bank statement that was fresh out of the oven, and sent that. Now they responded a bank statement is not a valid utility bill.

      I responded by quoting them saying on two different occassions that a bank statement would be satisfactory. They responded: sorry you have been misinformed, a bank statement won't do. THE FUCK???!!

      So now I don't know what to do, they won't accept anything I do have, and I simply don't have what they want. I would be grateful for any kind of advice you can give.

      P.S. sorry for the block of text, I had to vent a little (it takes them at least 3 days to respond to any query with my white status "priority support", lol@bwin, I wish I would be rid of them finally)
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