[NL20-NL50] Nl25 Qj

    • Purity
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      33/12 player

      UTG Hero ($25)
      CO Konstantel1 ($17.70)
      BTN BEJIO4KA ($25.25)
      SB CCCapwell ($46.01)
      BB ZettaAnton ($17.15)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 5 players) Hero is UTG J:club: Q:diamond:
      Hero raises to $1, Konstantel1 calls $1, 2 folds, ZettaAnton calls $0.75

      Flop: 10:club: Q:heart: 5:heart: ($3.10, 3 players)
      ZettaAnton checks, Hero bets $2, Konstantel1 calls $2, ZettaAnton folds

      Turn: A:diamond: ($7.10, 2 players)
      Hero checks, Konstantel1 bets $3.75, Hero calls $3.75

      River: A:club: ($14.60, 2 players)
      Hero checks, Konstantel1 bets $10.95, Hero calls $10.95

      How should I best approach this turn ? c/c , c/f , b/f ?
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    • Alan883
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      I really dont know:) ) b/f is an option here but your c/c is not bad eaither.

      c/c to small river bet or c/f to bigger bet.
    • Jayrikh
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      I personally bet turn myself so I know where I stand, as played I fold river. On NL 25 most of the time they dont river bluff.
    • Zaonce
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      I generally don't raise QJo from utg even if it's 5 handed... b/f turn it closes only KJ.
    • caltabiano
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      Yeah, I like b/f turn. You can still get some value from stuff like JT, KT, worse Q's.

      I don't like c/c because we give away free cards and we give him a free pass to bluff us off our hand.

      If he calls again, I'd just c/f R, as I don't expect he'll ever be bluffing, as most of his hands will have some sd value.

      As played, I don't like c/c turn, c/f river, because his range on the turn is as strong as his range on the river. Actually, his range on the turn should be a bit stronger, because he's got more Ax on the turn than on the river. If you c/c turn, you're bluff catching and since his bluffs didn't improve by the river, you still has to bluff catch.
      So, I would only c/c turn if I knew the guy was bluff crazy. And I'd be intending to c/c river also

    • Purity
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      Ok cool, I felt like b/f was the proper way aswel.

      Would you ever c/f in this spot against a straightforward TAGish player ?
      Or is there too much draws possible with :heart: and J9 to be playing c/f ?