starting capital issue

    • ro1chwvd
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      I've been granted a second starting capital at bet365, did all the steps to download, install software, register and at the first login I had to choose a nickname, and then enter that nickname here on The problem is that I chose a nickname on the windows of the bet365 software, and then immediately entered it here on PS but failed to notice that it was already taken on bet365.

      Can anything be done about this? Can I still receive the starting capital somehow?

      The user I registered here which appears to be taken on bet365 is ro1chwvd
      The user I managed to register on bet365 is ro1chwvd2

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    • tcs35
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      Hello ro1chwvd,

      When you are registering your accounts try and enter the username on this site after the account has been made with the poker room.

      Unfortunately there is nothing we can do but if you contact support they will be able to assist you.

      Best regards,