should i get HEM if i play mtts??

    • Leito99
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      i heard that hem is a lot more useful if u play cash games so is it worth getting it if i play tournaments???

      i wouldn't consider myself a fan of hud stats and play usually 4 tables so i often know the style of my opponents but 6-9 tables is not unusual for me
      but i guess it does give you an advantage using it...yes??
      can these stats not be misleading?? whats the biggest use of the stats??
      oh and do u pay once or every year?
      it wouldn't cost me too much of my roll cuz i play average $10 buy in
      so whats your opinion??

      maybe any other programs are better than HEM for tourneys??

      tnx for help in advance :D
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    • Hahaownedlolz
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      They do help, especially when multitabling. Well 4 tables isn't that hard but if you play like 12 tables. it's very likely you won't know how most players play, so you can make decisions easier based on the stats. I wouldn't rely on them too much though.

      You can do fine without stats though, but they help. And you can make graphs and review your game easier with HEM.. Also it's a one time payment.