Full Tilt Poker - Account Error

    • Xidjo
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      I was wondering if they send me letter about that my account isn't linked to this site and they can't add $50 to my Full Tilt Poker account, BUT I send e-mail to Full Tilt Poker Account Support and they send me e-mail back confirming that my account actually IS linked with PokerStrategy.com! So, that would be possible to actually get funds transferred to Full Tilt Poker, right?

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    • antezada
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      me too! same same same!
      ticket copy/paste:

      "Hello antezada,

      Unfortunately, we were unable to transfer your second starting capital to your Full Tilt Poker account, as it's not tracked to PokerStrategy.com.

      You may have forgotten to use our bonus code when you registered with them. Regretfully, we cannot do much in this situation.

      The offer for a second starting capital is unfortunately restricted to Full Tilt Poker and can't be transferred to another poker room.

      However, you could opt for another poker bonus instead. Through us, you receive some of the highest online poker room bonuses. A list of all our poker rooms and bonuses can be found here:


      Kind regards,
      PokerStrategy.com Transfer Team

      Ps. Should you need help at any stage, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. My colleagues and I would be happy to assist you further.
      03.05.10 21:45: Why is not tracked to pokerstrategy? I for sure use PS150 bonus code!I will conttact fulltilt support and see what they say!
      03.05.10 22:55: hello,I contac support and they say that im linked to you!can you please chech again?tnx!

      "Hello Ante,

      Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.

      We can confirm that you are linked to the affiliate in question, PokerStrategy.com under the bonus code 'PS150'.

      However, we do not have access to any information regarding your affiliate's bonus offer.

      Please contact your affiliate directly for more information.

      We're sorry we were unable to assist you.

      Good luck at the tables, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


      Full Tilt Poker Support"
    • Xidjo
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      Lol, it's like reading mine letters! :D

      Anyway, most likely they will transfer money to 888poker as I created new account there if they won't be able to do it on Full Tilt Poker.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi guys,

      It's difficult for moderators to tell what is going on as for security reasons we don't have access to your accounts.

      Please contact our customer support team if you are still experiencing problems and they will be happy to help confirm the situation and/or provide help & advice to resolve.

      Best regards,

    • Xidjo
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      Yeah, well I haven't got any further, they declained my 888poker account too. I really don't understand what's wrong because I used right download link...

      Anyway, now I sent ticket about Full Tilt Poker response and I'm hoping they will re-look at it as Full Tilt Poker Customer Support kindly confirmed that my account is linked with PokerStrategy.com as referral!

      Has anybody else had this problem and how did you manage to solve it?

      EDIT: That was fast! They're now looking through my Full Tilt Poker account right now, I'm hoping within 48hrs I can play. :)