weird! need advice

    • Broscatana
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      Well look how life is it..... 2 days ago i was riding the waves....riseing from 50$ to almost 150$...i was like unstopable (i feelt).... now today i lost almost all .... why ? Let me tell u....Milions of bad beats and stupid calls..

      I play SNG 11 $ and how it started... QQ all in in last phase being called by jj
      jj hit a flush

      All in with KK in middle phase called by a5! omfg a5 by somone that wasnt in bb or sb and had stack equal to mine 2 players to go to get the money..... Of course he hitted on turn the ace and i almost made heart attack :)

      KK all in vs AA....

      AA all in vs 10 9..... 10 9 hited flush.....
      Ak all in called by 22... 22 won :) )

      What can i say....... what advice can u offer me when i have that kind of days? I saw how it is to earn much in 2-3 days and i saw them gone now.... I feel bad!
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    • jakosamlud
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      variance is big in sng's, use 40-50 BI bankroll managment and you should be fine
    • ArtisSkirpa
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      First of all you're playing way out of any BRM norms. That's why you can feel unstoppable and lose it all in a 3 day span - it's just variance.
      I don't play SNgs but I would guess that having somewhere around 100 buy-ins is considered a reasonable bankroll for playing them, not 5-15 like it is in your case.
      As for the hands - they aren't that that bad. KK v AA is obviously just a cooler. A5 (or any random ace) has around 30 % equity against KK so it's really nothing to get heart attacks from (it feels way worse when that happens in a cashgame for 250 bbs lol), of course his call is very optimistic but thats why you need a bigger bankroll to punish those calls.
      QQ v JJ -underpairs crack overpairs around 1/5 of the time. I'm sure your overpair held 4/4 times when you felt unstopable right? lol
      And T9 if suited is the best hand to crack aces with (22% equity) so that will hapen 1 out of every 4 times.

      As for any advice - just use better BRM and you won't end up in a situation like this. Of course you must also study more or take a small break whenever you feel you're not playing your A-game. Making stupid calls as you said and and playing on tilt in general will only help variance burn your bankroll even faster when you are running bad so there is no reason to do that.
    • NenadNacevic
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      You should play those games where you feel comfortable.

      I set myself 100 buy-ins rule, so I jump to next level when I have 100 buy-ins of current one. But a long downswing (which never ended) made me feel uncomfortable playing games with my current BRM when I changed sites.

      So now, I set myself 300+ buy-in rule when jumping levels. So even if I get sucked out on 50 games in a row, it still isn't a big deal.

      Hope that helps.
    • Broscatana
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      My capital is back at 100 :) i know im not playing correct BRM but for real i cannot play 1-6 $ sng because the tons of fish that are playing rush rush calling with air and hoping to hit something..... at 11$ is something else players play more ccareful calculating hands and is a lot of place to speculate weack hands...
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      [ ]crash and burn timer t-1 week
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      Originally posted by mata123
      [ ]crash and burn timer t-1 week
      I'd give him less tbh. I see a sudden switch to a higher limit due to "a good feeling and ability to speculate with weak hands even more."
    • Ultifanatic
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      Fundamentally if you can not handle the fish calling with AIR hoping to stirke the nuts...Then you are missing a few very very early learning stages in poker. I will not go into what you are missing because it looks like it is not something you are really interested in learning, since you are blowing off BRM quite easily.

      Also, you mention some $11 Sng hands, which from what I know, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the hands you have mentioned. If you can not handle getting looked up by speculative hands like A5, then please stop playing poker. If you are going to be bothered every time you lose with AA, KK, QQ, AK to a lesser hand, please stop playing poker.

      If you do not understand anything about variance, but yet you still want to play quick SnGs, then please stop playing poker.

      If you think everything I am saying is harsh, then buck a every article you can find on this site and every other site, post your hands in the hand evaluation forum, read other peoples post so you know how to ask for help without sounds like you are just bitching you got beat, take the ENTIRE process of poker seriously from BRM to mathematics to pshycology to strategy and lastly learn that poker is about being BETTER than your oppenents which is only achievable by constantly striving to get better yourself.

      If non of this has phased you, interested you or pissed you off....please tell me where you are playing so I can come join in making some of that 100 bankroll you have mine.....
    • lessthanthreee
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      so you played the 11$ sngs with only 14BI ...

      and you are wondering why you lost most of ur BR?
    • wuttehhell
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      You are right somehow... 1$ sngs seem harder then 11$ sngs to me too.
      But no matter how good you are, never disregard BRM. I lost my whole BR plenty of times in the past because I played games that I was not rolled for (and I lost my whole BR a few times playing the roulette too :D ).
      I recentely lost almost my whole BR playing 5$ HU on stars cause I wasn't rolled for them, even though I believe I play a lot more better then the avarage at that stakes. All you need is a bad day and you lose everything, and that day will come sooner or later. You'd better be prepared. :spade: