6 Player Pre-Flop?

    • shellyd
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      Obviously the full ring chart isnt a perfect match for a 6 player FL game.

      1. is there any chart for 6 player tables?
      2. how much would a 0.1/0.2 table chart differ from a 0.25/0.5 game chart?

      Having a read on you opponents gives me a good idea of the hand range i can play with, but when i want to multitab then this read becomes utterly non-existent.

      Advice please!
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    • Waiboy
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      Hey shellyd!

      There is no difference to the charts based on the limits you play. They have been developed so that you play a +EV game when playing these hands in the given positions as you have an equity edge v a TAG range. Of course, the higher the limit the more correctly your opponents will play so the edge becomes less - but at micro limits I wouldn't worry too much about adjusting your ranges and I'd just stick to the charts.

      As for short handed (SH) charts (ie 6max games v FR/9-10max), the charts are in this silver article here.

      In terms of getting to grips with how loose/tight your opponents are playing whilst multi-tabling, the best way is to use tracking software with a HUD (Heads Up Display. If you want something for free then the PokerStrategy Elephant is a great place to start. If you were after other software, the two most popular options are PokerTracker3 (PT3) and Hold'em Manager (HEM). A quick trip to google will help you find both!

      Trust this provides a starting point and good luck with the SH. :f_biggrin: