SSS NL50 without stats, beatable?

    • pablomeza
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      Hello, I have a question for the SSS experts out there whom have grinded the limits. I am currently in the following dilemma:

      If I update my Macbook to Leopard, I have access to PokerTracker 3.0 but PokerStars crashes on launch and it is impossible to play on it. If I don't I can play on PokerStars but I am not able to use any stats software.

      Now clearly I cannot update and my only chance to keep playing Poker is to use my current MacBook with Tiger OS X. I plan on grinding and abusing bonuses now that I'll be off school soon to be able to afford a new computer since mine is now very outdated and my question is:

      I am beating NL25 very comfortably at the moment, and have almost 100 BI's for NL50. Would it be a good idea to move up to NL50 and stick with the basic SHC (since I'm not Gold and Stars account isn't tracked) until I have enough earnings for my new computer or should I stay at NL25 which means it will take longer but at least I'll be sure I'm using a winning strategy?

      Any and all opinions are welcome, thanks!
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    • Gerv
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      On Stars 50NL, I think playing with HEM is a must to ensure a higher winrate if not a positive one

      But that said you can play without it, just make sure your tableselection is top-notch as a compensation!