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AQ,AJ and AT, medium PP

    • rorrlsh
      Joined: 31.10.2009 Posts: 119
      Hello guys
      I havent posted really often here but I have read all the SSS articles and watched all vids (german and english). Following a strategy, i managed to increase my bankroll and I'm able to integrate finally one NL20 table in my game.
      Lately I manage to see a lot of limpers on some tables. I know these are very often fishes (i'm not saying im not) and I love them, they call with almost every Ax, Kxs, Q9+ and suited connectors...
      But I manage to find myself in some difficult situations, and those are: playing AQ, AJ, AT, KQ and medium PP pre-flop in late/blind position with 4-5 limpers or 2-3 calls to minraise.
      Since we always wait for the big blind we normally have about 17-18.5 BB stack to start with.
      Now a lot of vids say that we should just shove it, if there are 4 limpers and you are in BU or CO, or 3 limpers and you are in blinds.
      I know Im in front most of the time or at least a coin-flip but?
      Do you always play like that?
      Is it better just to raise normally 4+1 or just shove it? 2-3 of them are going to call anyway and those who would fold to a shove will fold to raise anyway.
      so to repeat my question:
      What is better against 5+ limpers, 1 minraise and 2-3 callers? shove or raise 4+1? or fold? (NO CALL)
      PS: i did read all articles and watched all vids, just need a reassurance that shoving is the right move
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    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      Shove ftw!

      The reason why shove is better is because if you make a standard raise with so much money in the pot you will be commited to go all-in on any flop in case someone calls your raise preflop. So instead of going all-in on any flop is better to directly shove preflop.

      You already said yourself you are either flipping or ahead of villain's calling ranges and even when they all fold there's so much money on the table already you'll make quite some money just by picking this dead money up.


      P.S.: Gratz on the first post. :)