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Optimal living!

    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      Hi im 18 and from wales :D i joined poker strategy a couple of weeks ago

      iv been at it for a week or so now and have played 7k hands at nl4 its going pretty well, i have just downloaded poker officer which is a specific HUD for pkr, although its pretty basic it does the job for now and i have a weeks free trial with it to deside if its worth $49.99.

      anyway i play mainly nl4 and plo4 atm my roll is currently at $129.12 ill try and attach some graphs to show how im doing.

      this is my nl4 graph atm running ok i guess, even running bad at these stakes you will still struggle to be a losing player :s_biggrin:

      as you can see iv just had a great session but there aint really enough hands yet to see how im doing,..

      now for my goals to reach before the end of the month:

      --reach $250
      --stay at nl4 untill i get to $250
      --reach enough SP for elephant
      --play 5k hands at plo4
      -- cash in the PS rake race for at least $25
      i will add some long term goals later and see how i go:)
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    • gpj7
      Joined: 22.05.2009 Posts: 10
      nice graph m8, i have an account with pkr but its unfortunately not tracked with PS :(
      anyway iv got faith you'll do well, i only win the home games because i run like god :f_biggrin:

      nl4 is funny as on this site though because of the 10cent givaways :s_biggrin:
    • gormless
      Joined: 12.01.2010 Posts: 164
      Originally posted by dylboi011
      --reach enough SP for elephant
      You know you can get free trial of elephant.
      And you can continue to use it for graphs and hand analysis after the trial.
      Beginner HUD mode is also still available after the trial.
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      ahh thats good news although i dont think it will take that long before i get 1000pts, i just noticed now it doesnt support pkr, ill have to use it for my stars account instead , unless its possible to covert my HH's and then use them. ?(
    • Mrt1989
      Joined: 25.11.2009 Posts: 29
      If ur doing great at grinding (as you seem to be doeing) why not invest money into Poker tracker 3 or Hold em manager ? its worth investing in my opinion.
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      think i just broke my poker tracker anyway, the "PostgreSQL" is all messed up think it has something to do with me downloading HEM dont think its possible for me to have them both at the same time :f_cry:
      i might just go for poker officer it seems to work pretty well on pkr although the graphs and stuff are pretty basic, and it costs quite allot at $49.99, something to think about anyway.

      on a better note i recieved $29 rakeback for april so that was a nice boost in reaching my target, ill post another graph when i reach 10k hands in HE and 2000 in plo to show how im getting on although im down 2 BI in my last session :f_mad: ill try and post some HH later

      my br is now $172.02

      re-evaluated my plo goal as its gunna be almost impossible for me to reachby the end of the month.

      []reach $250
      []stay at nl4 untill i get to $250
      []reach enough SP for elephant
      []play 3k hands at plo4
      [] cash in the PS rake race for at least $25

      Also long term goals to be reached by 01/09/2010

      [] Achieve win rate of 7BB/100 + on nl10 over 10k hands
      [] Achieve win rate of 5BB/100 + on nl25 over 10k hands
      [] Be a wining player at plo10 over 10k hands
      [] Reach SILVER level on pkr currently 12%
      [] get my BR up to $2000
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      this is how bad most of the players are im not complaining :s_cool: .....

      Moving Button to seat 5
      Pulcino85 posts small blind ($0.02)
      Dopss posts big blind ($0.04)
      dylboi1 posts $0.04

      ---------------- PREFLOP ----------------
      [Ad Ks] to dylboi1
      iceman84x raises to $0.08
      dylboi1 raises to $0.24
      masobloke folds
      Pulcino85 folds
      Dopss calls $0.24
      iceman84x calls $0.24

      ---------------- FLOP ----------------
      [7h 6s Ah]
      Dopss checks
      iceman84x bets $0.04
      dylboi1 raises to $0.86
      Dopss calls $0.86
      iceman84x calls $0.86

      ---------------- TURN ----------------
      Dopss checks
      iceman84x checks
      dylboi1 bets $2.90 (all-in)
      Dopss calls $1.76 (all-in)
      iceman84x calls $1.08 (all-in)
      Returning $1.14 to dylboi1 uncalled
      Dopss shows [6d 3d]
      iceman84x shows [Kc Ts]
      dylboi1 shows [Ad Ks]

      ---------------- RIVER ----------------
      Taking Rake of $0.79 from pot 1
      dylboi1 has Two Pairs: Aces, Kings
      dylboi1 wins $1.36 from side pot #1 with: Two Pairs: Aces, Kings
      dylboi1 wins $5.77 with: Two Pairs: Aces, Kings
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      Starting Hand #1308092096
      Start time of hand: 10 May 2010 07:57:30
      Last Hand #1308091272
      Game Type: HOLD'EM
      Limit Type: NO LIMIT
      Table Type: RING
      Money Type: REAL MONEY
      Blinds are now $0.02/$0.04
      Seat 1: Dion9 - $4.91
      Seat 2: dylboi1 - $6.38
      Seat 3: herode25 - $3.93
      Seat 5: ADRIANSC68 - $1.56
      Seat 6: svn650 - $1.92
      Seat 7: KCALANE - $2.75
      Seat 8: Ebimovic - $1.56
      Seat 9: dyto666 - $0.68
      Seat 10: Andemon91 - $3.81
      Moving Button to seat 1
      dylboi1 posts small blind ($0.02)
      herode25 posts big blind ($0.04)

      ---------------- PREFLOP ----------------
      [Qc Qd] to dylboi1
      ADRIANSC68 folds
      svn650 folds
      KCALANE folds
      Ebimovic folds
      dyto666 calls $0.04
      Andemon91 raises to $0.16
      Dion9 folds
      richardhinos brings $1.60 to table 27715183
      dylboi1 raises to $0.40
      herode25 calls $0.40
      dyto666 calls $0.40
      Andemon91 calls $0.40

      ---------------- FLOP ----------------
      [5h Th 5d]
      dylboi1 bets $1.60
      herode25 calls $1.60
      dyto666 calls $0.28 (all-in)
      Andemon91 folds

      ---------------- TURN ----------------
      dylboi1 bets $4.38 (all-in)
      herode25 calls $1.93 (all-in)
      Returning $2.45 to dylboi1 uncalled
      dylboi1 shows [Qc Qd]
      herode25 shows [8h 7h]
      dyto666 shows [Ts Jh]

      ---------------- RIVER ----------------
      Taking Rake of $0.89 from pot 2
      dylboi1 has Two Pairs: Queens, 5s
      herode25 has Flush, 10 high
      herode25 wins $5.61 from side pot #1 with: Flush, 10 high
      herode25 wins $2.44 with: Flush, 10 high

      this hand kinda mucked up my session :f_cry: oh well its only 1 BI

      i also played a mtt sat for $6 where 1 in 10 get ticket to $44 tourney, being the value hore that i am i intantly joined when i saw only 4 were registered :s_biggrin: unfortunately lost a race with 1010 vs AJ so that was the end of that.

      my br now at $169.54

      i also had a look at my stats for 10 seat and 6max to see which i played most profitably atm it seems full ring is much better even though i would consider myself a 6max player, i think i get carried away with C-betting missed hands vs these calling stations its killing my win rate. MUST IMPROVE
      it also seems to have greater swings than FR maybe i havent played enough hands to tell ?(

      NL4 6max (4-6 players)

      NL4 Full Ring graph (7-10 players)

      note to self: always check your hand before answering the phone,

    • gpj7
      Joined: 22.05.2009 Posts: 10
      you'll be at nl10 in no time by the look of things your crushing, 2k in 4 months is gunna be pretty tough, although i think you'll probably get better win rates than 7BB/100 and 5BB/100 on nl10/25 the standards pretty much the same as nl4 on pkr if not worse in some aspects. :f_biggrin: GL

      ul with those Ks lmao :s_cry:
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      havent updated in a while, been going pretty well had a downswing so to speak for about 1.5k hands where i was break even then back to running well over the last 2 days where iv gone from $170> $217 :D posting graph at the bottom.

      i now have got holdem manager to work at the expense of poker tracker, to my suprise it tracks pkr no problem and the hud works ok :s_cool: so when my free trial ends i will be subscribing to HEM instead.

      im on target for $250 by the end of the month although i have been letting my plo hands drop atm, merely because 4 tabling nl4 FR is easier but maybe a little less profitable(i think)

      i have also cut down on 6max tables for now and play solely FR if there's enough action. and my win rate has increased on FR to 50bb/100 thats what HEM gives it in so cba to change it :f_p:

      Bankroll now at $217
      also still on target for getting $25 in the rake race and will probably get about $40 rakeback at the end of the month :s_cool:

      this is graph for tables with 7+ players
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      havent posted in a while again, kinda got tilted and went to nl50 lolol as you can expect it didnt end well and when my AK got busted by K7 hiting its 2nd pair on the river for stacks it was tilt time,

      earlier this month i also made the decision to buy holdem manager, i think its worth it just to keep me motivated but i think is has helped me analyse my play and the HUD is pretty good :s_biggrin:

      as for my may targets i completed them all except for getting 1000 strategy pts i only managed 750 odd but i wont be needing elephant any more since iv got HEM.

      [x]reach $250

      i managed to get up to $286 this month and am now making the transition into nl10 its pretty fishy also im running like god atm in plo10 cash so all is good :f_biggrin:

      [x]stay at nl4 untill i get to $250
      i managed to stay mostly at nl4 i couldnt help myself tilting at nl25 HU though only lost $10 though :f_cry:

      [-]reach enough SP for elephant

      no longer necessary
      [x]play 3k hands at plo4

      managed 2.9k close enough its so hard to put in volume on plo at pkr as there's only ever 2 at best running and with 50h/hr its almost impossible to get a decent amount of hands

      [x] cash in the PS rake race for at least $25

      i think i managed this although pokerstrategy did not comfirm it yet i was on course for about 85th with the top 100 paid :D :D

      as for my br as said earier im at $286 with $25 to come from rake race also i raked roughly $140 so thats just over $40 in rakeback.

      ill post june's targets in a couple of days when i get confirmation for the rake race and so on

      btw if you somehow havent noticed yet i :heart: graphs :f_biggrin:

      my plo graph for pkr WARNING DONK ON A HEATER!

      my nlhe graph

      no filter graph with my tilt session at nl50 about 1/4 of the way through :f_o: also im a bit worried about my non showdown winnings they seem to be a massive leak i will tackle that later, i also put in the rakeback and bonus line, which includes my 100% first deposit bonus for $50, i wish i had done a bigger deposit now :s_mad:
    • gpj7
      Joined: 22.05.2009 Posts: 10
      congrats on reaching your targets for the month nice graphs as well,the non-showdown winnings is pretty standard at low stakes so dont worry about it :)

      love your little tilt graph btw just dont make the same mistake again:f_biggrin:

      talk to u on skype later
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      okay im off until the 28th of june due to my exams
      nl10 is going amazing though atm running at 80bb/100 in the last 1000 hands abot 34bb/100 overall (4k ish hands) and i now have $342 with $25 still to come from the rake race and $40+ rakeback :s_cool:
      so including those my br is at roughly $410

      for june i still hope to cash in the rake race for $25 as i have already earned 200 pts this month and sitting in 30th ish at the first update, so i should be able keep my place in top 100 if i grind like hell when i come back and will probably manage anohter $40 rakeback due to nl10 being so much easier to earn points :f_biggrin:

      at the end of the month i hope to be at $500 (including the rakeback and race for june)
      and thats about it really:P
    • YDdraigGoch
      Joined: 19.05.2010 Posts: 60
      hi nice blog your killing those stakes lmao :s_grin:

      i was wondering how easy points are to earn on the site and would it be possible to reach a $500 first deposit bonus grinding at nl25 and how many hands do you think it would take
      ty in advance :)
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      probably easy enough, although you'd need to put in about 30k hands in to get it

      quick update, im currently in crush mode on nl10- 78bb/100 this month over 2k hands sweet :s_biggrin:

      bankroll at $417 ish with another $40 to come from pokerstrategy in a couple of days

    • gpj7
      Joined: 22.05.2009 Posts: 10
      lol not even running above ev either, enjoy while it lasts :s_grin:
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813
      ty :)

      im doing some numbers and iv come up with a new challenge iv currently played 27k hands on pkr and am advancing well but this should give me some added motivation and keep my br management good.
    • dylboi011
      Joined: 20.04.2010 Posts: 813

      basically i want to get from:
      NL10 to NL100 in 30k hands

      currently at
      $400 so 7k hands @nl10@35bb/100 == $625

      $625>10k hands @nl25@25bb/100==$1250

      $1250>13k hands @nl50@20bb/100==$2500

      This is a rough breakdown i hope to reach my target in around 30k hands with rakeback + rake race and maybe a sneaky reload bonus :f_love:

      am i biting off more than i can chew here or is it doable?
    • gpj7
      Joined: 22.05.2009 Posts: 10
      seems like a good idea to me you'll have to run pretty well though, what sort of time frame you aiming to do it in :)
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      as its gambling anythings doable.

      But i wouldnt give you more than a 1% success rate if i'm honest.