Hi All!

I played NL 20-30 FR on Ongame in early 2009.
My winrate was about 4 ptbb/100. (~120k hands)
But then Ongame announced the horribble new software and i switched to NL SH on other site.
Now i plan to return to NL FR tables (i'm little sick from SH :D ).
My question is that where is the "best" place to play NL FR on?

Stars - no rakeback. On NL 25 FR what level / bonus can i reach?
FTP - 27% rakeback. (but i'm cursed on this site on all form of poker :D )
Ongame - "unlimited" FD bonuses (= ~40-50% contributed rakeback), but
bad software :) Enough tables?
Boss network - FD bonus+30% rb (=~43% cont.rb). Euro tables. Enough tables?

And how large ptbb/100 can be reached nowadays at FR NL?

Thanks for the answers!