Sometimes you gotta laugh....

    • jass1960
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      How's this for a hand??

      I am sat mid table with pocket aces, UTG raises, I raise and SB calls...

      Great I think!!

      UTG goes all in and not wanting to scare off SB I call, SB goes all in and I call

      Me AA
      UTG AK unsuited
      SB 77

      Flop comes and it is a disaster a 7 drops.... with 3 Aces already in play this hand is a gonner!!

      Not so on the turn the 4th Ace drops.....


      A quick look at the cards shows possible disaster.....

      3 clubs on the board and UTG and SB have a club...

      Just as well I am online as I chant no club! no club! Don't think that would go down well in a casino...

      and up pops the 2 of clubs.... you gotta laugh as UTG takes it all!!!
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