Hi everyone

I've been away from the online poker world for a pretty long time. Mostly it was caused because i barely had any time for it, but now some things cleared up and i have some time , and im contemplating making a comeback.
Anyway, since i spend between 2-3 hours a day in public transportation, i was thinking that it would be a good chance to study poker theory. I have some poker e-books, problem is printing them out is a serious bitch. Buying some books crossed my mind, but since i have a Zune, i was wondering if there were any good audio-books, lectures or alternatively video sessions/lessons that arent too pricey and can be downloaded. Also, most of my existing (yet dwindled) knowledge of poker theory is FL, so a book or comprehensive article that compares FL to NL would also be pretty cool.
Im planning on studying mostly NL BSS and MTTs (for now i plan on playing cgs mostly, since i dont have enough time to play MTTs regularly) , so besides the multimedia, im happy to hear any good recommendations for books as well.