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deep run in mtts question

    • pericas1991
      Joined: 01.10.2009 Posts: 377
      so i play at absolute poker at the moment coz i got free money there, and from 50dollars i came to 405 with sss, sng`s and mtt`s.. the big bankroll boost came after winning 300GTD tournament, and next weekend winning the same tournament aggain.. but since, i havent won anything, i have cashed out, and let some money on that account.. so now i play those micro tournaments, and i have a habbit to make a deep run, like playing for 4, 5 hours, and then lose like around 15bb(my all in) by limping hand like 77 in middle position and calling a shove from button, after figuring he had overs and he did, so i have lost like 5, 6 times after making a deep run on a coinflip.. is it a +ev move to limp pocket pair and call shove with coinflip at that stage of tournament and perhaps end my hopes for final table??
      please someone reply
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    • alenstrat
      Joined: 13.03.2009 Posts: 821
      You definitely shouldn't be limping in during the deep stage of the tournament. The only case I'd limp in is maybe early position with a low pair or Axs if I had a big stack with the strategy of only calling a minimum raise at most. The blinds are worth too much in late stage MTT to limp in, and you won't be maximizing your real good hands. Ie losing/folding a 3K limp in with a 15K stack will mean that now your next double up will only take you to 24K instead of 30K (because you'll have 12K left), and your next double up with 24K would be 48K instead of 60K if you hadn't wasted money on that limp in, see where I'm getting at? That is an important difference.

      I'm not sure however how much exactly you should have in BB to consider limping in as in the example I gave. Probably 20 or 30BB.

      But as in everything in poker there are multiple facets. For example if I limped in thinking I'd call a minimum raise shouldn't I be minimum raising in the first place? (ie many people will think twice about reraising or calling a big stack). Sorry just thinking outloud.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      I would only sometimes limp, when I afraid UTG would limp/shove, but generally 77 is good enough hand to b/c
      so if you limp and someone isolates, it is fine to shove
      It is just too good hand to fold
      and to win tourneys you ahve to win flips. I think it is impossible to win toureny by always going all-in 80+20 or 65-35 situations.
      And if you win or not, it mostly depends how often would you steal/re-steal, play postflop