JJ reraised preflop 3bet flop

    • SiXAT
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      iam on BB with deep stack 5$(2nl) so i have JJ, a lag player with 11$ raises in SB first in.-> i reraise so i know from 2 previous hands his range is very loose: reraised with TQ because he was raisng a lot so i stole from him he folded, next time i caled with 88 he contbet the flop QK3 raged board so i called he showed 45o.
      so i to the hand i have JJ he raises to 8(1/2cent) i reraise to 30 he calls.
      flop 225 no flush draw.pot60.
      he checks i bet 30, he raises to 60 so i reraise to 1.3$ now , he calls check turn and river. he shows 65s.
      so my question: i knew he is a player who might take a stand and check with anything, thats why i reraised i were afraid of a set or a trips maybe calling is better?
      and is it possible to value bet the river with my hand against his range?
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    • Leito99
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      preflop - nice big raise
      flop - it's all good
      turn - you could check for pot control, make your hand look week, he doesnt have many outs most times but i would prefer betting 1/2 pot as he is likely to have an overpair that you have beat
      river - with no overcards hitting, just bet or shove it all in if you dont have much left...otherwise you could check in case he slowplays
      if he bets you should call