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I have to get it off my chest =D

    • Skeat
      Joined: 18.08.2009 Posts: 493
      I'm not sure how to move on pokerwise...

      I'm playing poker for a total of 5~6 months, started with SSS, moved to SnGs, DoNs, BSS FR and been playing the most BSS SH.

      Things I've done so far to improve my game:

      - Post hands (not enough I'd say)
      - Sweat sessions (Thanks dandycal, vonki, peche025, genetals)
      - Watching and making a summary from "Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment"
      - Reading and making a summary from "The Poker Blueprint"
      - Reading and making a summary from "Ryan Fee's 6max Guide"
      - Finished with "Treat you poker like a business" this week
      - Watching Cram's "Let's Play SH" series
      - Read "Theory of Poker"
      - Read "The Poker Mindset"
      - Saw some of hasenbraten's videos
      - Made a blog
      - Got 2 private coaching sessions

      Lately I've been playing NL10~25 SH 2~6 tabbling, paying attention, taking notes, but I start to lose concentration quite easy after some time. I tried increasing tables, which makes me focus more, but as I'm not beating the limit, that only makes my losses worst.

      Other thing, I'm not sure what I would enjoy playing the most in the long run.

      I like the idea of having to work your way up to chipleader, but I don't like the idea of having to grind 20+ SnGs to make money. Maybe I'm wrong.

      When I read that people that make money from it are rakeback pros, as they are break-even because of the rake, it turns me down. Maybe I'm wrong.

      NL BSS FR:
      Played this one the longest, but the thoughts of sitting and waiting for good cards, playing +-18% of the cards isn't exciting. But maybe the most profitable type for me ain't the most exciting. Maybe I'm wrong.

      NL BSS SH:
      Getting in marginal spots and having to outplay your opponents is nice, more action, less players you have to share the fish with, but seeing my results, I don't know if it's the right thing. Maybe I'm wrong.

      NL SSS:
      No thanks. No, I'm not wrong.

      I like them, but with my concentration issues, I can't afford a mistake deep in the tourney, and the variance seems brutal to make a living out of it.

      Lifetime graph:

      This year:

      I know the sample size isn't great, but lately, when starting a session, losing 2 BIs and both under EV, I lose the mood to keep going on. Although, after reading "Treat you poker like a business" I feel more inclined to putting in some volume.

      In 3 weeks I'm over with my internship, and then I got 4 months of free time, I'll probably work, but around 15 hours/week. Later I'm starting with college, but I'd like to be able to make some money by then with poker.

      I made this thread mainly to get other ideas, opinions, where to improve, game types, etc.

      This is not a standard whining threads, I do understand how poker is, I'm just opening a thread to get the things mentioned above and to get things off my chest.

      @Mods: I would be glad if you could delete spam/troll posts.

      - Not beating NL10 SH after quite a lot of time invested in improving
      - Not sure how to move on
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    • Leito99
      Joined: 27.07.2009 Posts: 754
      from the first graff it looks like you learned the concepts of poker and play good poker and win but then you got cocky and stopped playing properly

      i used to lose concentration but then started having aggressive BRM which meant i couldnt afford to make silly mistakes which theory was that if i went broke even though i moved down the limits then poker isn't for me but lukyly i moved up to where i play with kinda "scared money" with 200 buy ins :D

      EDIT: also your non showdown winnings were breakeven then they started going up as you started losing
      i think its kinda obvious that after playing well and getting the results you deserved, you started playing more hands and trying to outplay your opponents by bluffing way too much and getting what you deserved with your play
      you proved you know how to play at the start so just go back to the basics and play good tight poker + stop bluffing
    • Skeat
      Joined: 18.08.2009 Posts: 493
      Thx for your input, I'm gonna sleep now and tomorrow I'm going to look here again with a fresh mind ^^