Can't create new database

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      I'm unable to create a new database and I don't know why.

      I have PokerTracker, so I installed PostgreSQL with it and of course, user and password are different from what Elephant suggests (username: elephant database name: elephantdb).

      But the thing is, I tried creating a new database with Elephant using both new user/password and with my user/password used in my first database (being used by PokerTracker), with no success in any cases.

      So, what should I do? Do I have to remove my PokerTracker database before creating another one to work in another software? I don't want that since I would like to try Elephant first.

      Thanks, I tried to find similar posts with no luck, any help is appreciated.

      Edit: Found the error, I was using Service Password instead of Database Password. Thank you all!
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