Losing at NL5, Leak fixing

    • overson
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      So I played 29k hands and have -10bb/100 hands, but if i run filters I win 20bb/100.

      Those filters are not being raised flop and turn and no pots over 80bb.

      So if i fold to all raises from 80bb+ stacks and only continue with TPTK against the rest I should make about 15bb/100 counting the losses from folding right?

      The other leak I noticed is calling too much in the big blind and facing raisers preflop. So If i just tighten my button maybe never isolating limpers from the button and fold every single marginal hand to any raise this should improve my winrate as well.

      Are there any other common leaks I should look for and do you think this will work?
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    • antonio47211
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      what do you play, fr or sh?

      In fr, just bet / raise / reraise as hell. Sometimes I play like 40 / 35 / 30 with great results. Ofc it helps to have some basic stats, to know nits from lags, but apart from that, all you need is agression. If someone starts to show too much resistance, fold. The basic idea is that most hands miss most flops, so if villain didn't hit, I can bet and he will have to fold. Also, you will often hit crazy trips or 2 pairs or straights, so people won't be abusing you postflop too much.