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SnG novice

    • robertross
      Joined: 11.05.2010 Posts: 3
      Just as offline casinos keep their customers free drinks and cigarettes, and the online casino has its own secrets to attract and retain customers, who need to know any professional player. Thus, we consider the most common tricks used by online casinos.
      1. Bonus: Thanks to the wide spread of bonus hanterstva, it is now almost impossible to find real casinos offering lucrative bonuses for the player. Most of the proposed casino bonuses are the so-called "phantom" bonuses, that is, by its very nature is a kind of short-term loans, which online casino gives the player at the game, and in the end will be deducted from his winnings. Among other things, the bonuses are usually subject to special rules under which the amount of lead before winning the bonus amount must be several times "play", usually from 30 to 50. Besides, most online casinos prohibit win back bonuses in the most advantageous to the player games such as roulette, video poker, black jack. In other words, giving bonus credits casino virtually no risk. If you win that amount is deducted from the winning player, and the same player is "forced" to play games with the big advantage the casino (slot type), and the need to wager forcing the player to play the "long distance" that makes the game more disadvantageous for the player. Of course, some casinos give out bonuses and quite profitable, but, basically, they give away their tested vip-players, and newcomers to rely on some kind of bonus is not particularly profitable prihoditsya.Tem least, the bonus is an effective tool to attract and retain players in the Internet casinos. In the first assessment in the online casino bonus is usually automatically included in the total amount of players on account of it does not stand out, which creates the illusion of a player winning.
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      2. Time to win. In a real casino to cash out rather easily. One need only go to the cashier to exchange the tokens for cash and get away from the institution. Equally fast and easy it is to do the reverse operation, to give the money to the cashier, get chips and rush to the gambling tables. If you look closely, you can draw attention to the fact that in a real casino make money more easily than lead. Thus, in most gambling chips in exchange for money you can get both in cash and directly to dealers at the gaming table, to get the same gains can be solely in cash. In the virtual casino situation is even more rigid. With most methods of deposit, (webmoney, bank cards, money bookers) funds can be made almost instantaneously. However, in order to withdraw most casinos require at least 3-4 days. And during all this time, the money can be a few seconds to return back to your account. Calculation of the classic, and it is based on the fact that intoxicated winning player can not help it, return the money to your account and lose all benefit. ukash bingo
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    • Xidjo
      Joined: 02.05.2010 Posts: 39
      I'm 90% sure there were almost the same thread created few days ago... Anyway, there is no thing what kind of SNG you play as long you finish with getting cash back or winning.

      When I play SNG my goal is to get till place I get my buy-in back or get it at least double to get 2 buy-ins, of course if I'm purely owning that time I'm going for 1st place to make even more buy-ins for next SNGs.

      Usually I try to play 3 tournaments as beginner: 45player regular ($1.00+0.10), and 2x1-table: 9seat regular ($1.00+0.20[?]) and 6seat turbo ($1.00+0.10)

      So, yeah, I think that works pretty good...
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      first of all: how many sngs did you play? i assume that you have no samplesize at all.
      furthermore i´m pretty sure you made rookie errors at the bubble. it´s just perfectly normal in the beginning (and beyond). "a minute to learn, a lifetime to master" ;)

      and it´s fine that you have tighter stats than your opponents (btw.: did you adjust your HEM filters? e.g. it doesn´t make much sence to base your decission on an opponent´s tight stats from the start of a sng when you are at the bubble...). especially low limit players tend to always play too many hands.

      in the early stages it´s definatly best to just play very tight, wait for premium hands, limp for setvalue etc... just like the beginners article says :)
      later on you have to loosen up, steal more frequently, abuse the bubble and so on. maybe you should have a look at sngwiz. it has a 30 days trial and should help you to get more confident about ICM-decissions :)