Just terible

    • Agiz19
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      Always geeting donked and sucked out by multitabling donks playing 10+ tables and TT+, AKs, AQs maybe some pp to 55 on BU. This is stupid, people are favored way more than me by this joker...when i have top pps or AKs i loose to them no matter what they hold and they are always behind...

      please comment freely and give advice or some anti robot killer....

      [img][img]c:\users\artistic\my documents\Amount Won over Hands Played[/img][/img]

      and please someone tell me how to post a picture from my hard drive? cant get it to work
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    • wormboy77
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      Upload the picture to a site like Imageshack then when you're making a comment use the yellow picture from the icon list and paste the url from you uploaded picture on imageshack/photobucket/etc. Btw I don't think people playing 10+ tables does anything to do with how lucky they are ¬_¬.