[NL2-NL10] 4 of kinds loose

    • Dragunas
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      hi, i never will forget what stupid and crazy situation i had in real money table ago . in this situation , nobody , even pro could be bounced from tourament or cash table. So was like ythis :
      i have 65 , x have 37

      flop - 544 . i rise he call
      on the turn its already 5444!!! damn i god , have full house!! maybe he have 4 of kinds? lets rise all in . he cold! what a stupid maniac! i have full house, maybe he have 4? no, he shows 37!
      and the river ends :
      Wt*, he won? Why ?
      7 was biger then my 6! thats a situation in wich you can realy have bad bad dauy for long . Do you have coments ? Realy wanted to hear them ... :D
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