Finaly NL5 beaten.

    • rubysilesia
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      After a week break in poker I beat NL5 level finally, yesterday and today I made almost 100$ BSS 4 tabling NL5. So i got about 200$ now.
      Before joining Poker Strategy I was playing play money from time to time SnG only I took it as a time killer. Than 2 months ago I found your Site and passed the quiz. I ignored your articles and went SnG's straight away. Wasted all 50$ very quick. I read the articles top up 25$ and barely got 100$ bonus playing cash games. Then I had ups and downs, lot of tilting, overplaying weak hands, playing not perfectly sober. All that time I was oscillating around 100$.
      I took a break in order to do some study things, got time to think about my play and reread the articles. I think that something clicked in my mind. Im not saying that I play very well but I feel like I got control on the game now. I dont get into tricky situations no more. I call a lot less than before, I bet, raise and fold more. Also bluff a lot more. Part of this is an upswing probably but never the less its really cool thing to make 100$ doing something that I enjoy. Im looking forward to beat next level.


      PS. I forgot one important thing. Big thanks to PS community for support and knowledge.
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    • Puschkin81
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      Thanks rubysilesia!

      Nice to hear that you are doing well and enjoy it here. Hope that you will beat NL10 very soon. Keep studying and posting your hands and I'm sure you will climb up the limits.

      Good luck at the tables!