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Charts x Agression: The fearlessness factor

    • blackops888
      Joined: 25.04.2010 Posts: 502
      Well... I've been playing for about 45 days and noticed something very disturbing on the way I've been playing. I'm taking poker very seriously and watched a lot of videos, bought books, etc, etc. Although, after losing the 10th SnG ($1 single tables and $0.25 MTTs in PokerStars) in a row, I got in contact with a situation that no book or chart is able to describe with precision.

      There are the calculations on pot odds, implied odds and all those percentages for playing draws and so on and I've managed to dominate them, once I really like the math aspects just about anything in life. But even then I ALWAYS run into some very loose-very (psicho) agressive player who raises 80% of the time (100% if he is in position) and scares everybody away. He is the one who gets a lot of chips and dominates the tournament.

      He is not wrong, obviously. He is just playing it the way it is meant to be. But in front of a player like this all those odds and probabilities just seem to turn into trash! The game becomes more like a psicological battle. At least that's how it seems to me.

      Forget about odds. Overbets become a constant and heads-up confrontations in which a player bets less than half the pot are a sign of weakness. I say I cannot make use of the calculations in such circumstances, being in the pot or just observing the action. I do get lost.

      And for what? Sometimes a showdown happens and one of the players get the pot because of high card, or just one pair on a very draw-heavy board. It's the kind of circumstance I cannot locate myself into... I just don't know whether I have the advantage or not when I'm caught in those pots.

      I folded AKs on the button because 2 guys pushed in front of me... and they had trash hands that I could have owned. I folded my blinds to visible steals because my hand was not worth calling a raiser on the button, and so on. I begin to wonder if the rules of the charts are really that usefull. At least the guys who make it to the final tables are playing something far different (or maybe ahead?) the charts..... I really don't know.

      Maybe I'm trying to rationalize too much? It just seems to me that sometimes the calculations and charts become worthless and that I am missing some kind of valuable information that could possibly give me a clue of how to behave in those situations. What you guys think?
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