I play for about 4hrs a day most days, on 3 to 6 tables of 2c/4c FR mostly and occasionally 1 or 2 tables of 25c/50c Limit FR and freerolls; all of which are very profitable. I have to stay this level as I withdraw most of my profits to pay bills, buy things for SWMBO; and get drunk. I usually leave anywhere between $80 to $100 to start again up to a max of $200.

My showdown are +$2423 so far this year, which would be nice if my non-showdown winnings weren't -$2002. Sigh.

So all I need is some advice on how to get this red line up a bit closer to zero! Are there any videos on here that may help? If not perhaps a coach could make one! :)
I always win so it's not a disasterous thing, but there must be numerous leaks and I just want to make more money! Lol.