Hey Serbians

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    • drbloody
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      Hi there Ireland :D

      Yeah that is totally true, orthodox celts rule :) Check em out on youtube etc...
      Wassup at the tables man ?
      I'm kinda new to PS, I am overwhelmed with the content and community here... Cant wait to crush the NL2 and start posting some hands :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: :s_cool:

      Best wishes from Bosnian Serbia
    • Broogyman
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      Hi mate,

      This is not completely true but yes there is a band called Ortodox Celts and they are very good and they make really good live shows.

      You can check them up on youtube, a lot of positive comments.

      We have a group and a forum called Serbia so you can join and post and maybe visit Serbia some day and be sure that you will have a great time here.